Shephard Summers

Something Good is Going to Happen



It’s true.  Most of what we obsess about will never come to pass. We are so worried about the past repeating itself. All the “what if’s” can cloud our brains. They take up valuable real estate.  Good things are just as likely to happen. I’ve always loved the lyric from the Kate Bush song, “Cloudbusting” …


I just know that something good
is going to happen…

 It’s just as likely. Yet we tend to “just know something negative is going to happen.”  Perhaps it’s our way of protecting ourselves from hope. But we need hope. Hope is fuel and faith. 

My email signature has been the same for over a year now. The message I need to hear most:


“Forget all the reasons why it won’t work, and believe the one reason why it will.”  
~ Aubrey Drake Graham


Holding those thoughts for the coming new year.
~Shephard 🙂

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