Shephard Summers





by David Levithan

Young Adult
Knopf Books, 2013
(several primary gay characters)

This is not what I expected based on the cover image.  I thought it might be a touching and sweet romance. It definitely has those elements, but it’s so much more. 

This is a beautiful, poignant, fascinating story, where the lives of several young, gay male characters are drawn together by two boys who decide to break the world’s record for the longest kiss. . . while the ghosts (a sort of “Greek Chorus” –narrators) of gay men who came before them, look on in support and solidarity and empathy, bridging the gap between generations.  

I won’t tell you any more about the plot. 
But I will tell you that it made me feel hope and a sense of “I’m not in this alone.”  For those younger readers who might be put off or confused by the beginning, the ghostly voices of gay men from the past, just stay with it for a few pages, and you’ll see what a wonderful thing it is to feel the support and love of those around you. 

David Levithan’s writing is heartfelt, an engrossing and easy read, with emotional and real characters.  It’s like watching a bitter-sweet movie with a happy ending, knowing you may tear up a bit, but that the journey will be rewarded. 



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4 responses to “TWO BOYS KISSING”

  1. charles says:

    Sounds very sweet!! Hadn’t heart of this, and the twists with gay ghosts/men that came before sounds intriguing! Thanks!!

  2. Wendy says:

    I wonder if Cam would like this. I’ll pass it on!

    • Shephard says:

      It’s a serious read, but it’s also full of love and tremendous hope for the future. Sometimes it feels like the future is already here. 🙂

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