Shephard Summers






by Rachel Hartman
Random House Books for Young Readers (2015)

Seraphina goes on a quest to find the other half-dragon people in order to create a magical defense against dragon attack on the city. When she discovers that one half-dragon is plotting against her, she must rely on her most trusted friends and her special connection to all of them to stay one step ahead of her foe. And I will say that I especially loved the reveals between Seraphina, Princess Gliselda and Prince Kriggs.

I love Rachel Hartman’s writing style –evocative without being literarily full of itself. I love the clarity of her unique characters. Even with at least a dozen characters, I was able to keep track of everyone through her vivid portrayals. She paints with concise words that don’t require the reader to stop reading in order to picture what she’s talking about.

At 608 pages, Shadow Scale was quite the quest and a very satisfying sequel to SERAPHINA.  I’m looking forward to more from this author.


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