Shephard Summers

"Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river." - Lisa See

Bones: A Werekin Novel (Book 3)

    Bones: A Werekin Novel (The Ark Trilogy, Book 3) by Jesse Daro YA Paranormal CreateSpace Publishing The exciting conclusion in The Ark Trilogy. The stakes couldn't be higher for Seth & JJ and Marshall and every one of Jesse Daro's creative menagerie as the story converges in an exciting battle for the future of the werekin, with so much…

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      Seraphina by Rachel Hartman Fantasy YA Random House for Young Adults In a world where people clash with a race of dragons who can take human form, a teenaged Seraphina --bright, articulate and talented-- has a very dangerous secret. She and her secret are at odds with her town and her past --at a time when harmony between…

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The Fire’s Stone

        The Fire's Stone by  Tanya Huff Fantasy/Magic Aaron is a wandering ginger-haired outland theif, never tied down to committment, avoiding his painful past. Darvish (Dar) is a 26-year old 3rd-in-line playboy prince... who loves to drink and is betroyed to a 16-year old wizard-princess named Chandra from another kingdom. When Aaron attempts robbing the prince, he's captured…

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Openly Straight

  *     *     * Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg Openly Straight is a cleverly reversed "coming out" story, about a boy who lives in a high school and town who accepts, supports and celebrates him being gay, to the point of him becoming the poster boy for "gay," and losing any sense of his own identity. His…

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