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ONE MAN GUY (2014)
by Michael Barakiva
Macmillan/Macteen Books
Young Adult, gay characters

This was a window into a traditional Armenian family, two brothers Alec and Nik, and I loved experiencing this family and its culture. Younger 15-year-old brother Alex is gay, and falls in love with skateboarder bad boy with a heart of gold named Ethan.  Alec’s best smart alecky friend Becky adds color and humor to the story as well.

The book is both an education about Armenian culture and a comforting reminder that not all parents are the enemy.  When Alec is caught in a lie having gone to New York City with Ethan, and when they discover that Nik’s girlfriend is half Turkish, things get heated as the family tries to process prejudice and making assumptions about people, generalizing and stereotyping. I found Alec and Ethan’s relationship to be the most fun part of the book.



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