Shephard Summers




by Maria Dahvana Headley
Harper Collins, 2015

The shocking and unexpected discovery of who Aza Boyle really is turns her life completely upside down, opening up a world she never knew existed, and relieving her of her life-long struggle with being able to breathe and do the things any normal teenager would do. Except she’s not any normal teenager.

There are so many surprises, I’m not going to spoil any of them in this review. Other than just to say how tremendously appealing and creative the fantasy world in the sky is, and how captivating the characters are. Including Aza exploring her feelings for her best friend, Jason.

The imaginative world of birds and songs, pirate ships and squall whales, is all seen through Aza’s singularly unique perspective and voice as she’s torn between both worlds and eventually finds she’s something inbetween.

Fun read, especially once it gets going.



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