Shephard Summers







Geography Club
by Brent Hartinger

Middle-Grade/Young Adult
HarperCollins Publishers (2004)


I loved this very real, very sweet book.
It’s about a closeted gay high school student who bravely and cautiously takes a risk to create a safe space for others like himself.  Written in 2004, I can only imagine the students it must have inspired and given hope to.  This is a book that champions diversity yet maintains its naturalness.  In other words, these kids are fully recognizable and relatable.  The characters feel very real and empathetic and three-dimensional.

Sweet, funny and clever writing doesn’t hurt either. I’d recommend this to anyone who knows a sensitive teen who marches to his own drumbeat, gay or straight.   With all the stuff of adolescence, from crushes to the fear of standing bravely and individually as a potential target for the entire school, this novel is admirable and well-written and hopeful.   Highly recommend.



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