Shephard Summers





by David Levitan
Alfred A. Knopf – Random House, 2012

“A” is genderless and 16, and caught in a 24-hour reincarnation cycle where he inhabits a different 16-year old’s body every day. He’s respectful, he doesn’t get attached and he doesn’t try to change anyone’s life. But when he inhabits Justin, he falls for Justin’s unappreciated girlfriend, Rhiannon. Captivated by her, he breaks his rules and shows Rhiannon a wonderful day and future. The next day, he’s left Justin’s body, but can’t stop thinking about Rhiannon. How can he possibly get back to her? How can they have any life together? What happens next is “A’s” plan to convince Rhiannon that he is real and that he loves her.

It’s a parade of lives and maladies that runs the teenaged gamut of endangered and damaged, showing the depth of what teens endure and deal with. But it’s also a desperate love story that doesn’t have any hope… and yet… the book does find hope.

I enjoyed the unique adventure of it, the peek inside of so many lives. And I didn’t see the ending coming at all. Enjoyable read.




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