Shephard Summers



by Anonymous
Simon Pulse (Simon and Schuster) 2014

Sweet. Emotional. Hopeful. Genuine.
David, a popular high school jock, falls in love with nerdy, artsy/musical transfer student, Jon. David meets the usual tough situations that any gay high school teen would have a hard time navigating to stay closeted and still pursue the love he is helpless to ignore.

This doesn’t feel like a romance novel at all.  It’s written with such sensitivity, the characters feeling and behaving genuinely. A few tropes… the girlfriend who understands, the jealous and competitive asshole friend, that sort of thing…but they are blips on the radar. You love the characters so much, and you’re pulling for David, so you don’t care.

Unfortunately, the gimmick of the “Go Ask Alice” anonymous author leaves me a bit miffed. Because I found a writer who portrays gay men with sensitivity… no bitchy, cliché, urban, sassy, snarky, theatrical tropes… just a real person crafted by a talented writer. And I have no idea who that writer is, so I can’t look forward to their next novel. If I had to guess… I bet the ghost writer is a woman.  🙂

One of my favorite novels featuring a gay protagonist in a very long time.



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