Shephard Summers




by Malinda Lo
Little, Brown & Company, 2009
Young Adult, LGBT

I’m a little late to the ball on this one, I know.

It’s a refreshing take on Cinderella, where the handsome guy (in this case an elf lord, for lack of a better title) is not the prize. A glass slipper becomes a fairy cape and Ash’s wish to spend time with the one she truly loves, the king’s huntress, is the prize worth its price.

Rich in fairy lore and solid world-building, yet still grounded in wonderful, relatable characters that feel more real than the average fairy tale. I thoroughly enjoyed the respinning of this fairytale.

I can only imagine the little girls out there and the lives this story has and will continue to touch. A giant step forward in helping kids feel less invisible. And without the help of a fairy lord.


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