Shephard Summers

"Whatever it is you love doing, you should just keep doing it. Because eventually, someone's going to pay you for it. Or they'll pay you to stop. Either way, you're going to get money out of it."

- Ellen DeGeneres


About Me


I grew up in a small town in the Pacific Northwest
not far from the sparklie vampires.

It was very isolating.

I eventually found my home here in Los Angeles: color, diversity, culture, mountains, ocean, deserts, valleys, opportunity, happiness ~
it’s all here in abundance.



Friendly by nature.
Color Junkie.
Pragmatic Optimist.
Chocolate Pie Disciple.
Midcentury Maven.
Animation Aficionado.
Conscientious Disruptor.
Ramen Enthusiast.
Music Lover.

Life is too short to be a snob, a cynic or a critic.
I’d rather be an explorer, a contributor, supporter, and cookie-eater.

I have a softspot for cats.
And theatre.

I travel the world a lot with my film-maker hubby on his press and research adventures,
and I share those here, too. As a sheltered kid, I never dreamed I’d ever break out
and see places like Tokyo, Venice, Nairobi, Paris, Sydney, Florence, Madrid, Budapest, Prague or Barcelona.
Travel has had a dramatic impact on my life and my writing.

I actively support the little furry things that can’t speak for themselves,
and also 
the big grey things that trumpet and flap their ears.


♫  “The world is good, you said. 
. . . Enjoy its highs, you said.
. . . The summer flies, you said.
So make a parade of every moment. ♫  
                                          ~William Finn


(revised May, 2015)

If you really want to know more about me,
*click here* for a quirky but accurate picture.  🙂


~ I always enjoy hearing from you ~